Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Funny facts-Heroic failures

Heroic failures

1) Henri Darque - Magician
In Paris, France, magician Henri Darque managed to extricate himself from a pad-locked box... after three weeks! The illusionist had himself strapped inside a straitjacket and locked in the container, as a large audience looked on. Darque was supposed to escape within five minutes, but he never emerged. He left strict orders with his assistant never to help him out of the box. So three weeks later, he climbed out of the box... the bored audience had left after the first night.

2) Mark Ashby - Schoolboy
Mark Ashby was given a blue Mohican hairstyle by his parents as a reward for hard work at school in Omaha, Nebraska. The school then suspended him for breaking the dress code.

3) Joan Slote - Cyclist
Joan Slote, aged 74, was fined $4,800 by the US Treasury for going on a cycle tour of Cuba, defying the US embargo of the island. She was also fined $80 for buying souvenirs.

4) Bigamist Plumber
A plumber sent to prison on a driving charge had pleaded with Walton-on-Thames magistrates not to jail him as he was due to marry the next week. The local newspaper reported the case thus alerting his wife that he was about to commit bigamy.

5) Anonymous Accountant
An accountant in Salem, Pennsylvania, has been charged with "defiant trespass", which carries a two-year prison sentence. His alleged crime? He spoke at a public meeting, objecting to a new sewage disposal plan, for 11 minutes instead of the allotted five.


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