Thursday, October 3, 2013

Amazing facts-Father of 82 children

A man who stayed a virgin until the age 34 has become a father of 82 in the space of just nine years and he has another ten children on the way. Dutchman Ed Houben, 42, sleeps with around 15 childless women a month in a bid to make their quests to become mothers a reality. He is understood to be the most prolific professional babymaker in the world - and what he does is all legal. His 'family' lives in Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and even New Zealand. The eldest is now nine while the youngest is two months old.

He began donating sperm to local clinics. Then he found there was a market for procreation the natural way and he has never looked back. in Germany is one of the websites he uses to connect with childless women desperate to conceive. They know Ed has a good pedigree; he gives 80 per cent of the females he has sex with a child. He has sired 45 girls and 35 boys. Two of the the brood he doesn't know the sex of because the mothers won't tell him.

'My girlfriend says that what I do only makes me more interesting,' he told Germany's Der Spiegel magazine.

'She's coming to visit again soon.' But he hasn't managed to make her pregnant yet.


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