Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Amazing facts-Oldest Pole dancer

A grandmother who has taken up pole dancing is proving life doesn't have to bump and grind to a halt when you're 60. Sun Fengqin, of Nanjing, China, took up pole dancing after watching several videos and developing an admiration for the sport's beauty and athleticism.

Because pole dancing has a strip bar stigma in China, Fengqin kept her desire, to learn the sport, secret from her family, but word soon got around, and her family discovered her hidden talents. Despite her conservative background, Fengqin's family approved - even her husband, although he was concerned because of a previous back injury she had.

amazing-facts-oldest-pole-dancerAlthough Fengqin's instructor, Shen Ting, was a little shocked to be teaching a woman old enough to be her grandmother, how to spin around a pole, she is happy to have her as a student.


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