Friday, August 23, 2013

Strange facts-Pole dancing Mom and daughter

A mother who injected her teen daughter with Botox is now teaching her seven-year-old to pole dance. Sarah Burge — who owns a sex club where pole dancers perform — claims daughter Poppy's dancing is no different than playing on a climbing frame. But parenting experts and child abuse campaigners warned she is sexualizing Poppy far too young.

“We spend hours trying out poses and positions and dancing to our favorite music. Poppy wants to be like pop star Miley Cyrus, who also dances on a pole.

strange-facts-pole-dancing-mom-and-daughter“There is no harm in a child having dreams. I'd rather her be healthy and ambitious than sitting in front of the TV all day getting fat like most children.” Sarah, from Cambridge, accepted that people would be shocked at her teaching a seven-year-old provocative dance moves, but she added, “I could not care less what people think about me."

Sarah also claims she was preparing Poppy for the day when she inherits her swinger's club, Madame Pink.


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