Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Funny facts-Hull City Council bans Santa hats

Waste disposal operatives (binmen) have been banned from wearing Santa Claus hats in Christmas period apparently on health grounds.

The refuse collectors in Kingston upon Hull, UK, have worn the traditional red hats for several years. City council scrooges think that it does not create a professional impression of the council.

Angry refuse collectors have told the newspapers that, 'It doesn't look like anyone can escape the PC brigade this year. Our Santa hats have always brought a bit of festive cheer to local households. We loved seeing the faces of excited kids watching us from the window and laughing at our hats. It's been a Christmas tradition for years but not anymore.'

A spokesman for the East Yorkshire city reportedly has said, 'Employees can wear Christmas hats in their own time. Wearing them during work time does not create a professional impression. Further, there can be health and safety implications should hats get in the way of dangerous machinery operation.


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