Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bizarre facts-Dead cat helicopter

Dutch artist Bart Jansen, made a flying helicopter using his dead cat Orville. His cat was killed by a car, and he thought of a unique pay to pay tribute to Orville. Stuffed with motors, this deceased animal flies through the pavilions of Arts Festival in Amsterdam, shocking and delighting the visitors at the same time.

bizarre-facts-dead-cat-helicopterBart decided to honor the memory of his cat, by making a radio control helicopter from his effigy.

bizarre-facts-dead-cat-helicopter1The cat, who died under the wheels of a car, has become a flying art object, shown at the Festival of Arts Kunstrai in Amsterdam.

bizarre-facts-dead-cat-helicopter2Jansen named his creation “Orvillecopter”. His masterpiece was on display at the Festival of Arts Kunstrai in Amsterdam.

Jansen added that the idea of turning a cat into the helicopter did not appear spontaneously. In fact, he had named his cat after the famous aviator Orville Wright. Therefore, putting his cat into flight after its death was a logical idea.

bizarre-facts-dead-cat-helicopter3Jansen said that Orville is now “flying with the birds”- the greatest aim a cat could achieve.


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