Friday, August 30, 2013

Amazing pictures-Khaju bridge in Iran

The famous Khaju Bridge in the Iranian city of Isfahan is a wonderful example of national architecture. It was built in 17th century on the river Zayande when Isfahan was a thriving town, with access to the Great Silk Road. Khaju Bridge has 23 arches, is 105 meters long and 14 meters wide.

amazing-pictures-khaju-bridge-in-iran1In addition to the aesthetics, the bridge has several functions, including it's dam-water supply system, which delivers water to a number of gardens of Isfahan. Directly under the arches are sluices of the dam. When they are closed, the water level rises behind the bridge, and gardens along the verdant Zayande receive water.

amazing-pictures-khaju-bridge-in-iran3The lower level of the bridge is designed specifically for pedestrians, while the upper level is designed for horses and carts.



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