Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Motivational facts-Wheelchair bound bodybuilder

Once a promising football athlete, a near fatal traffic accident in 1998 changed Wheelchair Bodybuilder Champion Nick Scott's life. He was diagnosed as paraplegic, and was told that it would be physically impossible to ever walk again. Paraplegia is an impairment in motor or sensory function of the lower extremities. It is usually the result of spinal cord injury or a congenital condition which affects the neural elements of the spinal canal.

motivational-facts-wheelchair-bound-bodybuilderNick says, "What's the one thing you gain from losing everything? Perspective. At that point, it wasn't about if my glass was half empty or half full, I am just grateful I have a glass."

Weightlifting gave him something to strive for, to succeed in, and in doing so benefited him more then he could have ever imagined. Over the next few years he focused intensely on strength training and conditioning his body, and in doing so began to regain some of the sensation in his lower back and legs.

At first, bench pressing kept him motivated because he felt he couldn't do anything else and he wanted to be stronger than everyone. He desired to win bench press competitions in high school, which lead to bench press competitions out of high school and he just kept striving for more.

motivational-facts-wheelchair-bound-bodybuilder2Then after graduating college he went to Florida and competed for the first time in the 2006 Wheelchair Nationals.

motivational-facts-wheelchair-bound-bodybuilder3"We each have a story to tell, and if we choose to, the right and responsibility to use for good what we learn through overcoming our weaknesses and developing our strengths and abilities."
- Nick Scott


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