Friday, July 12, 2013

Controversial Album Covers

The Beatles
It’s the Beatles holding a bunch of diced babies. How appropriate. This album cover was quickly changed and may be the most well known banned cover of all time.

Back To The Sh*t, Millie Jackson
Bad marketing strategy: take a picture of yourself sh*ting and make it your album cover. Who the hell wants to see this then jam out?

Blind Faith, Blind Faith
The cover shows a nude prepubescent holding a toy plane. Looks like she just took a hit of acid too.
Lovedrive, Scorpions
Don’t you hate when you accidentally spit your gum onto your dates bare nipple? Then you go to pull it off and it stretches like mozzarella. Worst day ever.

Hefty Fine, Bloodhound Gang
Well…that’s absolutely disgusting. Those legs are mighty little. Who wants to play footsie?

Nevermind, Nirvana
The infant genitalia is unnecessary, however the fish hooked dollar- very necessary.


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