Friday, June 14, 2013

Strangest deaths-Tommy Cooper

Tommy Copper, legendary British comedian and magician, easily identifiable by his iconic fez hat, died on stage in 1984 in a Molière-like fashion during a live show, televised to millions of people from Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Tommy was renowned for his off the wall word play, charmingly amateur illusions and the catchphrase “just like that.” He was a subtle master of physical comedy, able to raise a laugh before he’d even said anything merely by altering his stance and facial expressions.

During a routine which involved him pulling various items out of his cloak, Cooper suffered a heat attack on stage, clutched his chest, fell back into the curtain and died whilst the audience, unaware of the situation, continued to laugh, waiting to see where the gag was going. A fitting end for a comic genius who couldn’t help being funny, right until the end.


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