Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Amazing Charcoal Finger-Painted Landscape Mural

Artist Judith Braun used her bare hands to finger-paint this spectacular landscape painting. She used her signature style of finger-painting for the latest addition to her Fingerings series.

amazing-facts-charcoal-finger-painted-landscape-mural4Employing her method, which basically involves covering her fingers in grounded charcoal, the New York-based artist has produced yet another remarkable wall mural. The piece, titled Diamond Dust, goes beyond her past fingerings by covering far more ground. It is 12 feet by 48 feet, making it Braun's largest site-specific project to date.

amazing-facts-charcoal-finger-painted-landscape-mural2Even if Braun had traditionally painted this large-scale piece with a paintbrush, it's an aesthetically attractive painting with interesting gradients and swirling features. However, the fact that she incorporated her finger-drawing technique makes the piece all the more impressive. Diamond Dust was was created by Braun within a week's time in front of a live audience.



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