Friday, April 12, 2013

Strange facts-The Death of French Actor Molière

Born in 1622, the French actor and playwright Jean Baptiste Poquelin, better known by his stage name, Molière, was considered a giant of the comedy genre. Famed for his farces, Molière was a hero of the stage and, despite falling foul of certain religious groups, enjoyed immense popularity in his lifetime. (The king of France even agreed to be the godfather to his son!)

Unfortunately for him, he died the way he lived…being laughed at. The end came during a performance of his last ever play Le Malade Imaginaire, normally translated in English as The Hypochondriac.

strange-factsWhilst he was treading the boards in the titular role, pretending to be someone pretending to be ill, he was struck by a very real fit of coughing and hemorrhaging and promptly died. Obviously, nobody moved to help him, putting the fit’s uncanny authenticity down to the craft of a master thespian, rather than pulmonary tuberculosis.


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