Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fascinating events-Wedding on a Roller Coaster

Robert Scherzer and Sarah Petty decided to get married on a Roller Coaster and were ready for ups and downs of married life.Before getting married on a roller coaster, 33-year-old Sarah Petty of Seattle had to wear a wedding garter. Grandmother Betty Fletcher helping her.

fascinating-eventsBride before the wedding in an unusual roller coaster.

fascinating-eventsAll preparations are made, it's time to go for a honeymoon on a roller coaster.

fascinating-eventsFinally, the exchange of rings in the eyes of the enthusiastic audience was held, followed by the words "Now you may kiss the bride."

fascinating-eventsRobert Scherzer and Sarah Petty kissing at the fair Payyallap Feyrgraunds.

fascinating-eventsEverything is written on the face of the bride.

fascinating-eventsScherzer newlyweds and their guests on a roller coaster. Unforgettable Wedding!

fascinating-eventsAcquainted six months ago in New York while working on a Broadway musical, Robert Scherzer and Sarah Petty sealed their union by marriage on a roller coaster. Their union has announced by a radio show host Kent Phillips. As part of an organized radio activity, the couple were presented with rings, costume and dress, wedding cake and a warm welcome. Honeymooning couple proceeded to the Hawaiian island of Maui.


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