Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Amazing facts-Mummy findings in Peru

In Lima, Peru, there is one huge ancient pyramid in the middle of the town. Now they have found something strange on the top of it; four old mummies. Mummy and pyramid, nothing strange you think, but the thing is that three of them are sacrificed children, and the fourth is a woman. Archeologists believe that the children were buried with the woman so they could be with her in the afterlife. The mummies are 1150-year-old, and that they belonged to the Wari culture. They are found with fake heads that are made out of cloth, but the bodies are definitely real. Among other things they found 11 drinking vessels, six bags with corn and sewing tools, and a ceramic bowl.

amazing-factsThe archeologists are going to x-ray the mummies and then open them up to see what the condition is. They hope to find something interesting that can tell them more about the finding.



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