Sunday, April 7, 2013

Amazing facts-Anti gravity Yoga

In the United States, people are engaing themselves in a new kind of fitness method called the Anti-gravity yoga devised by a gymnast, Christopher Harrison, who offered to do Yoga upside down.

amazing-factsThe essence of this method is that yoga asanas are performed in a suspended position of the body above the ground. It is achieved, thanks to a special belay wide ribbons attached to the ceiling.
amazing-factsAccording to the creator of the new method, a Broadway dancer and gymnast, Christopher Harrison, an unusual posture helps to straighten the joints tight and pull the body from the heel to the crown.
amazing-factsAccording to supporters of anti-gravity yoga, hanging above the ground, people are able to perform the asanas in yoga, which, in the traditional classroom make extremely difficult due to excessive tension in the body, especially in the back and neck.

amazing-factsThe creator of the new system claims that anti-gravity yoga can effectively balance the whole body and solve a lot of problems, including those of a psychological nature.



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