Sunday, March 10, 2013

Strange facts-Baby girl kept alive with Viagra

A baby girl is being kept alive by Viagra after bravely battling through three open heart operations. Cerys Small was born with a severe heart defect, no spleen and problems with her stomach and bowel.The youngster, who has battled for survival for 10 months, is now stable thanks in part to the impotence drug.

The drug, more widely known for treating sexual dysfunction, improves Cerys' circulation. It has helped her combat daily cyanotic spells, which have previously turned her blue as her body struggled to circulate blood.It is hoped the treatment will keep Cerys going until she is older and strong enough to have further operations.

Her mother Kerrie, from Newport in South Wales, said: 'We were giggling when they told us what drug she would need - but what many people don't realize is that it was originally developed as a heart drug.

'It is keeping Cerys alive, the drug works by increasing the blood flow which means it helps her circulation and stops her turning blue.

'As long as the Viagra keeps working, the next operation should be between three and five years old. But only her body will dictate that.

'But she's already proved what a fighter she is by coming through so many operations already and she's still doing well.'strange-facts
In the meantime, Cerys' grateful family, including father Gareth, 31, and siblings Evan and Megan, have raised £1,750 to buy more heart testing equipment for the Bristol hospital that saved her life.


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