Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hollywood's unsolved murder mysteries-Thomas Ince

Thomas Ince

Known as “The Father of the Western,” Thomas Ince was a famed silent film actor, producer, writer and director in the 1910s and early 1920s. On Nov. 15, 1924, on the yacht of William Randolph Hearst, Ince died of heart failure - though rumors persist that he was shot by Hearst over actress Marion Davies.

After falling ill on the yacht, Ince was returned to shore. On Nov. 19, 1924, he succumbed to heart failure, but in the newspaper that evening it was reported that Ince was shot on Hearst’s yacht. Those headlines were quickly vanished and Hearst’s body was cremated.

So, what possibly happened? Hearst allegedly may have walked in on Davies — whom he was in love with — and Charlie Chaplin in a compromising position. During the ensuing struggle, Ince arrived and was accidentally shot. Another theory posits that Hearst shot Ince thinking he was Chaplin. The Peter Bogdanovich-directed film ‘The Cat’s Meow’ with Kirsten Dunst focused on Ince’s mysterious death.


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