Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Amazing facts-Only the brave can look down

The Chinese have built a terrifying see-through path stuck to a cliff-face 4,000ft above a rocky ravine.

It is certainly not a path for the faint-hearted. On one side a sheer rock face, on the other a 4,000ft drop - and all to separate the brave traveler from a deadly plunge is a 3ft-wide, 2.5in thick walkway. And if that is not enough to bring terror into the pit of your stomach, the path running alongside a Chinese mountainside is made out of glass, allowing a crystal-clear view of where one false step can take you.

amazing-factsSo it was perhaps understandable that this woman tackled the walkway by sticking as close to the cliff as possible, feeling her way along with tentative steps.



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