Friday, March 15, 2013

Amazing facts-Bionic leg

Matthew Newbury was the first UK patient to receive a new bionic prosthetic leg system 'Genium'. It has 10 settings varying from cycling and cross-country skiing to golf.

He lost a leg in a motorcycle accident but property developer Matthew Newbury has no trouble scaling the ladders and scaffolding on his building sites. He is the first Briton to be fitted with the latest state-of-the-art bionic limb and says it has transformed his life.

Mr Newbury, who lost his left leg above the knee, has had prosthetic replacements before but none have allowed him to move as freely as the £50,000 Genium.

'The difference is just vast,' said Mr Newbury, 30.

'With my old leg, a lot of the time I'd be walking gingerly, avoiding tripping up, but now I can walk with much more confidence, I can climb stairs in a much more natural way.

'But the best thing is I'm not tired all the time. I have my life back. I can go out for drinks and dinner until late without feeling exhausted.'

amazing-factsHe is so happy with his 'super limb' that he says it works better than his right leg, which survived the 1997 accident but was badly damaged.

Mr Newbury, of central London, was 15 when the motorbike he was a pillion passenger on was struck from behind. He spent more than 18 months in hospital and rehabilitation. In 2004, he was awarded £2.1 million compensation, as well as more money for his accommodation needs – and blew some of the cash on a Porsche with the number plate HA5 1 LEG.

He also used it to set up a building company and he is now said to be worth more than £9million.

The combination of motion and speed sensors and advanced computing mean that the Genium, made by German firm Otto Bock Healthcare, can detect small changes in movement and direction.

This makes it better than other models at changing the rigidity of the knee, providing better balance and stability. Cycling, skiing, golf and table tennis are all possible.


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