Monday, February 25, 2013

Interesting facts-Misnomers

Following are some interesting examples of 'Misnomers'

1) Arabic numerals originated in India.

2) Tin cans and tin foil are constructed from aluminium, not tin.

3) Madison Square Garden, USA is not square (nor is it a garden).

4) Danish pastries were invented in Austria.

5) Dry cleaning uses a fluid called naphtha.

6) Pencil lead - pencils use graphite and not lead.

7) The Koala bear is a marsupial and not a bear.

8) Panama hats originate from Ecuador, not Panama.

9) The word Asteroid means 'star-like' and they are small planets.

10) The Peanut is a legume, [i.e. fruit/vegetable] not a nut.


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