Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bizarre facts-Heaviest Library Fine

Reported in The Guardian on Thursday 9 February, 2006:

A public library book issued in 1945 has amassed an overdue fine of NZ $9,000 ie [£3,500 GBP; $ 6,101USD]

"The Punch Library of Humour" book was borrowed from the library in Rotorua, 288 miles north of the capital, Wellington, 61 years ago, but was recently found among family belongings in Marie Sushames's attic. Ms Sushames was presented with the fine on her 85th birthday, Rotorua's Daily Post newspaper reported yesterday. The library's manager, Jane Gilbert, said she would be delighted to waive the charges in return for the privilege of displaying a book which had been "out for 61 years".


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