Saturday, August 25, 2012

Amazing happenings-Woman driver survives after car plunges 400 Feet

Woman driver trapped for 20 HOURS after car careers off road and plunges 400ft before stopping on cliff edge.

This is the moment a woman driver was pulled to safety after spending 20 hours trapped in her car balancing on a cliff edge. The car careered halfway down the 400 ft cliff face in St Agnes, Cornwall yesterday after 56-year-old driver Lyn Venton, lost control.But the Vauxhall Vectra was only spotted at 9.30am this morning after passing jogger Ben Stafford, who also became stranded when he went to her rescue, raised the alarm. Mrs Venton, who lives in Truro, Cornwall, with her husband John, told Mr Stafford she had 'missed the road' because of the poor visibility and careered out of control yesterday at 4pm.

Police and helicopter crews were drafted in to pull the pair to safety from the sloping cliff edge

The accident happened near a car park and access road to St Agnes Beacon, which rises 625ft above sea level on land owned by the National Trust. It is not yet known how the car lost control but it had come to rest sideways around 60ft from the top of the cliff. The airbag had deployed and the front and rear windscreens had both been smashed.The vehicle was very damaged and had come to rest on the steepest part of the cliff over a drop of a few hundred feet



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