Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Amazing facts-A modern day miracle

A Modern-Day Miracle: The Man Who Wears his Heart on his Back (packed safely in a rucksack)

When Matthew Green leaves hospital, the one thing he really mustn’t forget is his rucksack. The father of one will be carrying part of his new heart in it.

Mr Green, 40, will be the first Briton to be discharged from hospital with a completely artificial heart.

The device in his chest is slightly larger than the organ it replaces and weighs less than six ounces. It delivers blood to the body with the help of a pump that is carried in the rucksack, along with a battery.

Around 900 of the ‘bridge-to-transplant’ devices have been fitted around the world, although Mr Green is the first to receive one in the UK.

He had been in a critical condition after developing a chronic heart condition and no suitable donors could be found. With his health deteriorating fast, doctors at Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire decided to fit him with the device in a £100,000 operation.

Some parts of the Total Artificial Heart have a 50-year working life, although patients are generally expected to use it for around three years – during which it will ‘beat’ more than 200 million times.

It is hoped the device will last until a real donor heart is found for Mr Green. The patient said he felt ‘fantastic’ yesterday as he spoke about the new lease of life he has been given.

Scary moment: Matthew Green was shocked when his heart machine started to emit a high-pitched squeal during a press conference

Panic flashed on Mr Green’s face before he said: ‘That’s just me getting a bit nervous. If I get a little stressed it doesn’t like it.’ Medics stepped in (above) and prescribed a few minutes of calm until Mr Green’s blood pressure returned to normal. The device monitors tiny changes in pressure but can also be triggered by activities such as sneezing or laughing.



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