Saturday, June 9, 2012

Animal world-Cat's nest

Here is a true story about a cat who has made itself a home in a pigeon's nest up a cherry tree in Reepham, Norfolk, England. The tortoiseshell cat has been there for a week or so.

Miss Wendy Hobbs, in whose garden the cat is living, feeds the animal regularly when it comes down to terra firma. After it's meal it climbs back into the tree. Previously the cat had been seen travelling on the milkman's float.

animal-world-cats-nestMiss Hobbs, an animal lover, is keen to return the moggy to its rightful owners.

Ornithologists say they have never seen the phenomenon of a cat nest before. There are unconfirmed reports that 'twitchers' have detoured from their bird watching vigils on the nearby Norfolk Broads to observe Mrs Hobbs cat's nest.


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