Sunday, May 20, 2012

Funny facts-Curious Name Places Located in the USA

The study of unusual place names is called Toponymy. Have you ever lived in a place with a strange name? What happens is that everyone who lives there becomes oblivious of the names amusing connotation. Another common occurrence is that people in the area refer to the place with a strange pronunciation. For example, I stayed for a while in charming village in Cornwall called Mousehole. Did people pronounce it Mouse Hole? No, they refer to it as Mousle, the aitch is silent.

Here are some examples :

Curious Name Places Located in the USA

Paradox, strange as it may seem, is in New York
Crapo, unfortunately for them is in Maryland
Boogertown, is happily in North Carolina
Hellhole, is depressingly to be found in Idaho
Purgatory, is sadly in Maine
Volcano, an explosive place in Hawaii
Needmore, is in the greedy state of Arkansas
Hardup, is in the poor state of Utah
Rudeville, surprisingly perhaps is in New Jersey
Boring, can be found in Oregon
Hell, is in Michigan
Hooker, can be found in California
Virgin, is a place in Utah
Dulls Corner, is in Maryland
Bowlegs, is amusingly in Oklahoma
Beersville, is a fine town in Pennsylvania
Fleatown, is an itchy place in Ohio
Burnt Corn, can be seen in Alabama
Two Guns, famously in Arizona
Toad Suck, is a found in Arkansas
A Monkey's Eyebrow, is based in Arizona


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