Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bizarre events-Massive Lightning blasts sisters off sofa

Sisters catapulted off sofa when storm triggers electrical explosion

A family are lucky to be alive after they were thrown into the air when their home was struck by lightning. Rebecca Weir and step-sister Lauren Deeble were catapulted clear of their sofa after a thunderstorm triggered an electrical explosion at their home in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Rebecca's son Harrison had been sitting where the lightning struck - but had run outside to look for hailstones minutes before it happened.

The strike has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage, including two huge holes in the living room walls. Rebecca said: 'We were just sitting watching Hollyoaks, and Lauren said something about the lightning outside and how she didn't like it.

'I laughed at her and said "it's not going to hurt you" - but a couple of minutes later there was a massive bang. 'We both flew off the sofa. Lauren was hysterical, she couldn't breathe. I had to drag her out of the house.'

bizarre-eventsAll the electrical equipment that had been plugged in has been ruined, including television sets, kitchen appliances, and Harrison's portable DVD player.

Rebecca said: 'I had only just finished decorating the house and getting it the way I wanted it.
'Now I can't even live in it. It's the only home I've actually called home for me and Harrison, so I really want to go back.'

The two women were taken to hospital by ambulance, suffering from shock.
Rebecca's mother, Davina Weir, who rushed around to help, said: 'They are so lucky to be alive.
'One of the firefighters said in 12 years he had never seen anything like it. It was more like a bomb blast and he can't believe there weren't any fatalities.'


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