Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bizarre events-The death of Brandon Lee

In 1993, Brandon Lee lost his life in the course of plying his trade, when reality and artifice traded places. On the film set of The Crow, Brandon Lee, son of famous martial artist and actor Bruce Lee, was himself killed whilst attempting to film his character’s death scene. Weeks before the accident the crew had been filming a scene in which a hand gun was shown being loaded. They used cartridges with just a bullet and a primer, however, when, off stage, somebody messing with the prop squeezed the trigger, the primer exerted enough force to move the cartridge into the barrel of the gun, where, unknown to anyone, it remained lodged. 

When the time came to film the scene in which Lee’s character is shot, the same gun was loaded again with a blank cartridge, this time containing a propellant and a primer, in order to give the visual effect of gunfire. Nobody checked the barrel and, when the gun was fired, the explosion from the newly inserted blank sent the cartridge lodged in the barrel into Lee’s abdomen, killing him. To this day even the most dedicated method actors avoid working with that particular crew.


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