Friday, April 27, 2012

Archie gang goes for a gender change

Archie Comics has a new plot twist that might send you into a freaky Friday frenzie.

interesting-facts-archie-gang-gender-change1Comics Alliance reports that in Archie #636, Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be teaching the Riverdale kids a lesson or two. No, she won't be opening up demonic portals and selling their souls to the devil like all those other witches we know and love. Instead, she'll be causing a gender bender by switching everyone's sexes.

interesting-facts-archie-gang-gender-changeArchie will become Archina—because tons of girls have that name—while Betty will become Billy and Veronica becomes Ronnie. It's the kind of switch that's been seen in the Freaky Friday movies and book series, where everyone learns that life isn't always easier when you're walking in someone else's shoes. The big switch here, of course, is that gender is involved. Sadly, it seems like Archie (seen above as Archina and sitting between the boy versions of Betty and Veronica on the comic's variant cover) still can't pick which person he likes best.


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