Monday, February 27, 2012

Dark world-The woman responsible for HP CEO Mark Hurd’s Downfall

HP CEO Mark Hurd resigned from his post in one of the biggest multinational tech companies in the world and for what reason? Sexual Harassment! Well, that was the initial report people read but after further investigation it seems that those accusations were baseless.

Now, the woman “behind the iron mask” unveiled herself in public – contrary to the silent treatment made by her legal counsel to the press people and kept her mouth shut to disclose the complainant’s identity. The lady – or should we say actress – was none other than Jodie Fisher. You might be thinking, “Who the heck is Jodie Fisher”? Some folks even thought of “Jodie Foster” as the complainant but when the water became clearer, the not-so-famous name of this actress surfaced.

According to reports, Ms. Jodie Fisher revealed to the public that she and Mr. Hurd did not engage in any sexual acts nor had any sexual relationship – which is consistent with the earlier findings. The 50-year old actress and businesswoman knew Hurd via her contract jobs in HP. She get paid for $5,000 per event to greet people and make introductions among executives. Ms Fisher described her relationship with the former CEO as:

I first met Mark in 2007 when I interviewed for a contractor job at the company. At HP, I was under contract to work at high-level customer and executive summit events held around the country and abroad. I prepared for those events, worked very hard and enjoyed working for HP. I have resolved my claim with Mark privately, without litigation, and I do not intend to comment on it further.

dark-worldNow, Is this girl crazy or something? Why would she file a sexual harassment complaint if she and Mr. Hurd did not have any sexual contact in the first place?

In the end, Mr. Hurd walked away with over $40 million as a severance pay for his years of service with HP. The investigative committee found out that the former CEO was instead guilty of “falsifying documents” and not of any uncouth acts. On the other hand, news and blogs have its focus on the dumb blonde Jodie Fisher.


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