Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dark world-Child labor

Around the world, approximately 250 million children are child laborers. What exactly does that mean...

The term “child labor” has many definitions depending on who is talking about it. Unfortunately, this means that there is no way to give a concrete, rock-solid definition of child labor.

The International Labor Organization, or the ILO, defines child labor as “some types of work” done by children under the age of 18. The ILO also says that child labor includes full-time work done by children under 15 years of age that prevents them from going to school (getting an education), or that is dangerous to their health. More complete definitions of what child labor I in regard, age restrictions, job types, and exceptions can be found in convention 138, convention 182, and the convention on the rights of the child.

Other sources and organizations disagree on what child labor is. Some say that it is only hazardous work or work that interferes with a child’s education, while others are broader and include any work done by children working for pay.

Some organizations, such as UNICEF, decide to draw a line between child work, which, depending on what definition you use, can consist of light work done by children above the age of 12, and child labor.

Info Source : library.thinkquest.org


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