Monday, January 9, 2012

Funny facts-Bakery for dogs

An award-winning pastry chef has opened a bakery that caters only for dogs in Paris. Mon Bon Chien sells bacon biscuits in the shape of a cat and bone-shaped cookies made of foie gras, reports the BBC.

The owner is Harriet Sternstein who moved to Paris from the US with her dog Sophie-Marie. Sophie-Marie provided the inspiration for the new business for her owner, who decided the best way to make a living was to combine her biggest enthusiasms - pastries and pets.

"Everything is made in the back of the boutique," said Ms Sternstein, "Every day, I make 200 to 300 biscuits and special orders are taken on a daily basis. The Parisians come - and the first time they think it's very funny and they look at it, and buy the ones that they think are the cutest. Then the dogs come back and choose which flavours they like the best. I change flavours, based on what's going on, I will be creating a special biscuit for Valentine's Day."


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