Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interesting facts-Five of the most Green Countries

Scientists at Yale University have ranked these countries, given the many factors. Countries were evaluated by stoballnoy (Russian Word) scale.

05 Norway

In the fifth place - Norway 81.1 points. CO2. By 2030, Norway will become a country with virtually no industrial emissions of CO2. Already countries are taking steps to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, looking for ways to reduce emissions. To achieve this, the government makes the purchase of related equipment and technologies. Plans are under way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40%.

Incidentally, the steps are not purely scientific, but economic. So, those motorists who have a car with engine running on diesel fuel, have to pay more. In addition, Norway paves the additional railway lines, to save the inhabitants of the country from having to travel by car over long distances.

04 Sweden

In the fourth place Sweden - 86.0 points. While the rest of the countries are experiencing hard times for paying more for fuel, Sweden already has plans to transfer all the houses on the fuel-free mode by 2020. Sweden is gradually shifting to renewable energy sources.

Such a plan was not adopted recently, but back in 1980, during one of the fuel crisis. The country focuses on energy use of rivers, wind and sun. Unfortunately, Sweden is building nuclear power plants, which are well, not exactly "clean". In addition, Sweden is gradually transferred to the use of biogas in vehicles instead of the normal methane.

03 Costa Rica

In third place Costa Rica - 86.4 points. This country has long stated its intention to remain a clean country, now Costa Rica is working on the conservation of virgin forests and biodiversity. By 2021, Costa Rica is going to be a country with zero emissions of industrial carbon dioxide. To do this, the Government promotes the development of new types of alternative energy sources, implementing already those existing in the industry.

For decades, Costa Rica had destroyed its own forests, Now, it is making significant efforts to conserve forests, and in addition, the country is trying to plant new trees to replace felled ones. Only in 2008, were planted 5 million new trees.

02 Switzerland

In second place Switzerland - 89.1 points. This country was the leader in the rating for the cleanest countries in 2008, now it has moved into second place. Switzerland is always working to stay clean, "green" country, gradually reducing the amount of emissions and arranging their own territory. The government is gradually creating new national parks, where nature comes in its original form.

In Switzerland, large and small companies, as well as individuals, are adopting "green" technologies, and promoting the use of such technologies for its customers. For example the popular hotels in this country are giving discounts to those who arrive in hybrid cars. In addition, many homes use heating system that receive energy from geothermal sources. But, in general, Switzerland has never been a dirty country.

01 Iceland

In the first place Iceland - 93.5 points.

The Icelandic Government has encouraged residents of this small country to use "green" technology. Interestingly, earlier in Iceland, 70% of the population was dependent on the supply of coal, which is imported into this country. Now the dependence of the energy sphere of Iceland on coal is only 18%. Even if coal supply does stop, Iceland will survive. By 2050, Iceland is going to get rid of dependence on coal and oil, excluding those natural resources from the economy and industry of the country.


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