Friday, August 26, 2011

Interesting facts-Astrology fails scientific mega test

Astrology fails scientific mega test

A detailed scientific long-term study by researchers in Britain proves the central principle of astrology invalid and baseless. It puts an end to the fantastic old claim that the constellation of stars and planets at the time of birth could influence or even determine the development of an individual’s character and course of life.

The “Time Twin Study” was started in London in 1958 as a medical research project. Registering more than 2000 babies, born within minutes of each other on a day in early March, it had the objective to compare the time twins’ health development. The field of investigation was soon extended. The research team monitored the test persons over several decades, recording observations about more than 100 parameters in connection with health, occupation, marital situation, anxiety level, aggressiveness, sociability, IQ levels, abilities in music, art, sport, mathematics, language etc. They tried to collect evidences for similarities between the time twins. However, no similarities could be identified.

“The test conditions could hardly have been more conductive to success but the results are uniformly negative”, stated Dr. Geoffrey Dean, astrologer turned scientist from Perth, Australia, in a report about the study, published in the current issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies. Carrying out an analysis of the study, Dr. Dean and his colleague Prof. Ivan Kelly, Psychologist at the University of Saskatchewar, Canada, found that there was no special trait or tendency shared by the time twins. They were just as different as people born on any other day under any other planetary constellation.

The claim that stars and planets could influence character and life of human beings has long been dismissed by rationalists and scientists as there is according to all known scientific principles no kind of mechanism imaginable by way of which this influence could possibly work. Here is empirical proof that it does not work at all. The study shows clearly that astrological predictions based on the coordinates of birth do not correspond with reality. They are nothing but exercises in deception.

This should be the end of one of the oldest superstitions. But it is not hard to predict that the show will still go on. There are obviously too many people, who like to be deceived and too many. Who make enormous money by deceiving them.

Periodical : Rationalist Voice Nov-Dec. 2003, Hyderabad ( India )


vishnu nayak August 29, 2011 at 6:45 PM  

this is the 21st century. People has to wake up. This is true but amazing for those who still wants to deceive themse.

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