Friday, August 5, 2011

Amazing animal-Hippo helping wildebeest

This photo seems to show that compassion for another might not just be a human emotion, as a hippo tries to save a wildebeest which broke its back while crossing the Masai River in Kenya during the annual migration. Wildlife photographer Mitchell Krog captured a hippo trying to help the wildebeest which became stuck on a submerged rock in the river. He says: "One of the more mature hippo bulls eventually came very close to the wildebeest and tried nudging him a few times to see if he could free the animal from the rocks. This proved useless and eventually this same hippo grabbed the wildebeest on his back using his mouth and dragged it clear of the rocks and into a deeper section of river where he then released it into the river flow. Due to the fact the wildebeest's back was broken from the fall he could not swim and took his last few breaths and disappeared underwater. It was tough to watch a struggling animal, it always is, but it was consoling to see the animal put to rest humanely by the hippo."



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