Friday, December 3, 2010

Paul the Octopus

An Octopus in Germany had stunned soccer fans around the world with his remarkable ability to predict the outcome of German World Cup games. Paul, a mollusk in Oberhausen, had correctly picked the result of all three German games. The savvy octopus foresaw that Germany would edge Ghana to advance to the tournament's knockout stage, according to Sky News.

The prized prophet informed humans of his prediction by choosing between two boxes, each containing a delicious snack and decorated with a World Cup country's flag. Paul correctly picked Germany to conquer Australia in their first game, and he even called Serbia's shocking upset against the Germans.

Paul was born in England, and thus has deep allegiances to each team. He even predicted Spain as the winner of World Cup 2010. Paul, from the Sea Life Aquarium in the western city of Oberhausen, chose a mussel from a jar with the Spanish flag instead of one with a Holland flag.



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