Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amazing happenings-Window cleaner in Dubai

Nerves Of Steel In Dubai

When he spotted a mark on his apartment window, this chap just had to pop out to give the glass a quick wipe with a squeegee. Nothing odd about that – except that he lives 400ft up on the 34th floor of a tower block in Jumeirah Beach, Dubai.

He stepped out on to the narrow ledge and, holding the frame, stretched across to wipe away the annoying smudge.


As he takes his life into his hands, at least he has the sense to hold on to the window frame, even if it is by his fingertips, as he goes about his task.

He was snapped making sure the windows were sparkling by a resident in a neighbouring apartment block.

A resident of a neighbouring block who took these pictures said: ‘The professional cleaners have safety harnesses and cradles and helmets. He had nothing.’


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