Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bizarre Wine brand names

10 Bizarre Wine Brand Names

1. Fat bastard
A French wine produced and distributed by a British - French partnership, FAT bastard is a fast growing brand, recently selling over 400,000 cases per year in the United States alone. BusinessWeek has called FAT bastard a "marketing phenomenon".

2. Bitch

An Australian wine called "Bitch", the back label repeats it 77 times, followed by "some more".
3. Le Vin de Merde
Jean-Marc Speziale, who owns a small restaurant in Aniane near Montpellier, was so fed up with the bad press that wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon were getting that he decided to hit back. So he started making his own batch of wine, and labelled them Vin de Merde, or Wine of Shite as they say in Ireland.

4. Oops
The name originates from the fact that they mislabeled the grape type for such a long time that they decided to call it "Oops!"

5. Arrogant Frog Ribet

6. Elephant on a Tightrope

7. Frog's Piss
This label belongs to Cheers Calais booze-cruise store. The fruity drinkable wine is a plonk, worth the few coins the wine costs.

8. Cleavage Creek
"Premium grapes grown in the cleavage of some of the most beautiful California hills are then handcrafted into an elegant complex wine that is full bodied yet vivacious" as the back label says, written over a photograph of the bare back of the lady pictured on the front label.

9. Mad Housewife

This wine has taken a different approach in marketing by catering to women and has appropriately been named Mad Housewife Wine. Its tagline : "What's domestic bliss without a little wine? "
10. Blasted Church

The Blasted Church is a small estate winery located in Okanagan Falls in Canada.



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