Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bizarre events-Ministers under water

Ministers under water

The government in the Maldives held its first underwater cabinet meeting on Saturday 17/10/2009 to attract international attention to the dangers of global warming, a spokeswoman said.

President Mohamed Nasheed, dressed in full scuba gear, presided over the half-hour meeting at a depth of six meters (20 feet) just north of the capital Male from 0500 GMT, event coordinator Aminath Shauna said.

Most of the island nation, a tourist paradise featuring coral reefs and white sand beaches, lies less than one metre (3.3 feet) above sea level and scientists have warned it could be uninhabitable in less than 100 years.

bizarre-eventsShauna said the ministers had already signed their wetsuits, which would be auctioned on the website, due to be launched later on Saturday, to raise money for coral reef protection in the atoll-chain.

"All arrangements are in place for the underwater meeting," she said.
The government has arranged a horseshoe-shaped table on the seabed for the ministers, who will communicate using white boards and hand signals.

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