Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amazing animal-Scarlett's Magic, The World's tallest cat

Scarlett’s Magic – The World’s Tallest Cat

Scarlett's Magic, at 43.43 centimetres (17.1 inches) from shoulder to toe, is the new holder of the Guinness world title.
With a beige coat and dramatic auburn and black spots, 18-month old Scarlett's Magic is also awaiting the result on a second nomination as the longest (tip of the nose to tip of the tail) domestic cat.

"We are absolutely thrilled," says owner Kim Draper, a Savannah breeder who also owns the Californian-based, Savannah Cat Shoppe, with her husband Lee. "The Savannah is the most intelligent, loving and beautiful animal companion a family could wish for."

According to Mrs Draper, Savannahs are becoming increasingly popular in California due to their unique appearance and learning abilities. "They are active animals, they like to play, they like to be near their owners and family," says Kim.



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