Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bizarre events-Man marries Dog

This is about a real-life 'man marries dog' tale! It took place for real during a traditional hindu ceremony at a temple in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, india.

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The groom in question was a 33-year-old Indian farmer named Selvakumar, and he was wed to a female dog named Selvi. He married the four legged animal to atone for stoning two other dogs to death and stringing them up in a tree 15 years ago. He believed the act cursed him and he had been suffering ever since, he told the Hindustan Times.
After he stoned the dogs he said his legs and hands got paralysed, he lost hearing in one ear, and his speech was impaired. With doctors unable to help him, Selvakumar turned to an astrologer who advised him to go ahead with this bizarre act!


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